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Spanish 1
Instructor: McGowan, Tonya   
E-I charts
I have uploaded the E-I charts that students were given in class today and are expected to write 5x each in English and Spanish tonight onto my fusion page. The file is called "E-I Stem-Changers".
O-UE / U-UE charts
I have uploaded the charts from class that students have to finish tonight for homework, the file is called:
O-UE _ U-UE charts
Classwork from today, homework for tonight
For any student who needs the notes from class, they have been uploaded under the "Files" section of this page, labeled "e-ie charts".

Homework for tonight is to write the charts 5x each in Spanish with their English meaning directly beside them or within the chart. Students have until Wednesday to get this finished. It will be worth two grades, one classwork and one homework.
Cinco de mayo celebration
In order to connect with the true purpose for celebrating the Mexican holiday Cinco de mayo, I am offering an extra credit quiz grade of a 100 for students who bring in a traditional Mexican food dish that they make at home along with a printout of the recipe that they followed in order to make the dish so that everyone can see the list of ingredients before trying each food item.
Cognate Explanation Project
Students have a project due on February 24th. Students were informed of this projcect on February 8th and will have had two and a half weeks to work on it by the time it is due.

The project rubric can be found on my fusion page in the "Project Rubrics" folder and students were given one in class as well. If a student loses their rubric, then they need to print a new one out from my fusion page and have it to turn in with their project.

The project itself is to explain the conjugation process in class in a creative / memorable way. Requirements can be found on the rubric. There is a section for a prop included on the rubric. PLEASE KNOW THAT THE PROP IS NOT THE ACTUAL PROJECT--THE IN CLASS VERBAL EXPLANATION OF THE CONJUGATION PROCESS IS THE PROJECT, and the prop is a visual guide.

Students may work with a partner only if they are doing a video project.

Projects WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE unless the student has a doctor's excuse.
Using Critical Thinking and Diductive Reasoning Skills
I have noticed a large number of students this year who are not actively choosing to attempt to fully think through problem solving, answering, or responding to different statements involved in the activities that we are doing in my class. I have spoken with all of my classes about the importance for reading to understand and paying attention to instructions, but some still seem to be struggling. Today in class I had students copy down some "Steps for Success" that are simple basic things that they need to do to help themselves in their own understanding. They need to have these in their binder at all times throughout the year. I am uploading the document onto this fusion page
Must maintain a "C" average or better...
Parents and students, it is imperative that everyone understands that in order to move to Spanish 2 next year, students must maintain a "C" average or better in Spanish 1. As an overall, students who are not doing well in my class are mainly those who do not do their class work or homework. This is an easy fix. Also, I offer two late work days per nine weeks where students can turn in any homework assignment that they did not do, for a maximum grade of an 80. To go along with that, students are allowed one redo quiz per nine weeks. I have only had a handful of students taking advantage these opportunities over the years.
Discussion Topics
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